Time Release

by Carl Brown

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Released on The Centrifuge, 2011

Hello you mysterious demographic of people who read about netlabel releases. This album has taken forever. I write this immediately after finishing the last little solo, and I can't rightly express the amount of relief this brings.

I wouldn't describe this as a skill, but if I read enough old diary entries/emails/album notes I am able to reach a weird state of exponential confusion/upward spirals of wonder, and what I now know is called "Presque vu". It sort of feels like time is closing in on itself, that linear thinking is wrong. During the making of this album I have also begun to experience this feeling with music, which isn't very convenient. I guess that's just what happens if you have tunes which you have been working on for so long that you have started and ended a relationship by the time you finish them. Some of these tunes started three beards ago.

If you're a musician then you have unfinished projects lying around, don't you? that's just inevitable. You get used to it, they build up, you make a little list of things to finish, and try not to start anything new, but ultimately there will always be that feeling of having unfinished projects. Well, as of five minutes ago, I don't. I finally tied everything up! After ten albums, over eighteen EPs, countless mixes as miscellaneous bits, or, 1 day 15 hours and 14 minutes of recorded music. I haven't had this state ever before. Of course, I have projects planned, but they are going to be much less electronic - although now I get the feeling I've said this all before...

Anyway, on with the words about the sounds...

The wonderful Zoe Stewart recorded some great harp for Day Before Day (which is called that because it was actually started before the tune from the Luminaries EP called "Day After Day") but after many many tries, I couldn't quite get it to sound right, so it is served here without harp. But you can hear a little bit of Zoe in "Kakapo". The bass sound is a sample of a kakapo. You can hear it unaltered at the beginning, but then I go and put some jungley worbs on it. Other bird sounds heard during this tune are also the Kakapo.
Unfolding has Phillip Glass style arpeggiations with some timing experiments. Clarity 2 was made exclusively between 5 and 7am. Fucking Ghastly is a drumfunk attempt that descends into brutalism. I made A Space a year ago almost to the day (I say that as if it will always be a year ago... it is now August 2011) There is then a long intro to Milky, which I made today. Milky is another drumfunk/breakcorey one and features on the compilation "Amen-tal Round 3". Fun Track is fun. Butterfly Twat interjects some ridiculousness. I once fell asleep to the main loop of Quartz Clock Hop, and now it makes me feel a bit odd. Year By Year is a mutilated Day Before Day, made a year later, and it is like an audio-summing up of that exact feeling I was on about earlier. I made You're A Strange Boy one night in Germany.


released August 29, 2011



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Carl Brown Norwich

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