The Luminaries Must Be Destroyed!

by Carl Brown

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Released May 18th 2009 at and - free download.

The Centrifuge and Acroplane team up to deliver Carl Brown’s stonking netlabel debut EP. 7 prime cuts of delicious low-bit electronics full of arped chip-blips, scatty beats and chunky synth flurries from the East Anglian wizard. All tracks recorded, mixed and arranged by Carl Brown.


released January 12, 2008

"The EP begins with the reversed sound of the ending of the 2005 album, representative of a return to the ideals of my "proper" music. You might say "That's one hell of an opening sentence, I haven't even heard of you, what's more you're putting words in my mouth. You've created this fictitious character which is an unfair portrayal of me, and now you think you can justify it by making the character mention this for confusing/comic effect". To which I would reply "Wow, you said exactly as I predicted in my description of my EP, I will reply with this, to complete the circle of self-reference so we can get on with the description".

Sorry. Why a return to the melodic complexities was so vital is that I had completed a few projects since then that were far from pretty. One of which had gone on to be 624% more popular than my "real" music (The Tesco Value Gabba EP, to which, like a contradicting schizoid idiot I am now writing the sequel, as well as yet more Jungle & Dubstep, what am I like.)

Wowmwowmwowm Song is a happy number based on an unearthed loop that had remained buried amongst the unfinished file mountain since 2003. Further Hearts and Snow/Glitter/Data 3 are continuations/developments of previous themes (cashing in on my "hits"). Landscape Android (my ambient pseudonym who hasn't lifted a finger in 4 years) pops in for a little light relief before the thrashing twisted darkness of Wick. Day After Day stutters along in a peculiar rhythm with depressed melodies underneath that sometimes crash to the surface, ending in a psychedelic snoop-hop fade-out.

Melody is something so important to me and I feel the balance is often swung in the favor of releases focusing on timbre/rhythmic complexities that often forego descernable/traditional melody. I love that stuff to bits too, but if you're looking for decent progressive melody based electronic music you can sometimes be dis-heartened by the vast quantities of releases that sound lush but stay in the same minor chord for the whole album, or centre around heaviness/percussion. It makes it a joyous occasion when I find someone who can meld incredible production with melodic inventiveness. I certainly don't profess to belong in this category, owing to an often slapdash production in favor of getting tunes out quicker, but I hope someone out there enjoys this tipping of the balance." - Carl Brown

Artwork by Louisa Donnelly -



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