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Ewan Phillips I've yet to listen to the whole album but the first few tracks were delicious. Cheers Carl!
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Released and Mastered 2009 by The Centrifuge.

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Mastered at the Wrecktory by Captain Chaos.

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Published by The Centrifuge using a Creative Commons License.


released December 25, 2005

Pharaonic Dusk Irdial : Many thanks to Robert A. Moog, for the sounds in this song especially, but in many others. Thanks to my parents for going to Egypt + buying a crappy Egyptian touristy thing , I don’t even know what it was, but it was in the bathroom when I went round + had the word “pharonic” (incorrectly spelt) on it. As always a massive UNthanks to Orion Platinum, for crashing so many times, I remade so many bits, eventually I gave up with some, and as a result, some bits might sound different to other bits, if you know what I mean. But this, at least, I can look back on as a problem of 2005, represented unwillingly in this song. (2009 edit – I’m still using it :P )

Old Tune: Jacob Solstice strums away on Guitar at 1:50 as instructed.

Safe Pt.3: I’m a fraud. I don’t know how I made this tune at all, I just know I played the keyboard + the tuning was all wrong. Still, I enjoy listening to it, so here it is.

Sad Kiss: Noises from a saucepan bought on a mundesley camping trip with Billie, Matthew and Lucy. Actually, it was meant to be an egg poacher, but all the other saucepans were 16 pounds or something, and this one was 3, and we only needed it for some noodles. Piano is Matthews one, recorded at Matthews, using Matthews minidisk player. Guitars: Olley Neale should be twiddling away on your left hand side, and Jacob Solstice on your right.

The Frub: An unedited solo played at 6am one morning in June. Except for the backwards notes + bell right at the end.

Propperchopper: penny whistle blowed into by me.

Become: Guitar, Jacob Solstice. There were going to be melodies in this tune by Gareth Clarke, but that only materialised in a tiny clip that I treasure.

Small Gl9ck Tune: glock bit by me.

Summer Breaks tune 3: Glock and “singing”/making noises by me (notice the painstaking audio engineering to give the illusion I’m singing in a small room into a £1.99 mic when it’s actually an AKG C12VR Multi Pick-up Tube Microphone in my multi-million pound professional studio). Guitars aplenty from Jacob Solstice.

Jazzydnb: chords based on/stolen from a tune I heard in the record shop soundclash once. Guitar riff by Olley Neale, Clarinet by me. But it would have been better if I hadn’t of broken the ligature the day I was going to record the part. And then the part took ages to come so I was probably all out of practise.yeah.

Safe Pt.2: Another solo.

Kitano Meso: This tunes structure goes out of the window, oh well.

Fuck Offensive T-shirts: Starts as a Venetian Snares impression in acid pro. I’m not really sure what happens to it. Laughter by Me, Olley, and Billie, at various different times.

You may have noticed the many random numbers audible during the playing of this recording. These are from a quadruple disc collection called “The Conet Project” downloadable from Or you can head to to be set on the trail of finding out more about these fascinating “number stations”, and unbelievably you can actually buy the CDs of the thing you probably just downloaded for free – and even a T-shirt.



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